AIDS Cultures (2016-2018)

AIDS Cultures Festival: July 2018, Amsterdam, NL and London, UK

Queering the Collections Network/University of Amsterdam

Raphael Samuel History Centre/Birkbeck, University of London

A festival to be held in London and Amsterdam, incorporating theatre, film, music, art, panel discussions, debates, walks, archive workshops and historical exhibitions, to demonstrate the rich cultural heritage produced in response to HIV/AIDS. The creative arts have played a crucial role in defining and redefining the pandemic since the first cases were identified in the early 1980s, from activism to education. Historians are returning to these sources to investigate the experiences and emotions recorded in the archives, and to compare and contrast the impact of AIDS, and AIDS activism, in different places and communities. This festival will provide an opportunity to showcase this work and to develop future collaborations between cultural institutions, artists, academics and community groups based in the two cities. An overview of the plans is currently available in Dutch and English. Further details will be posted here as the details are finalized.


Dr. Matt Cook, Professor of Modern History, Birkbeck, University of London and Director, Raphael Samuel History Centre,

Dr. Manon S. Parry, Assistant Professor of Public History, University of Amsterdam,