Queering the Collections (2015-ongoing)

In March 2015, IHLIA, the largest archive of LGBT history in the Netherlands, hosted the symposium  ‘Queering the Collections’ to explore the status of collecting and exhibiting queer histories in Dutch cultural institutions. Building on similar efforts in the UK and USA, the Queering the Collections Network, which emerged out of this symposium, unites people working in museums, archives, libraries, galleries, community organizations, and universities, in a joint effort to collect material culture and oral histories documenting queer life, and to present these collections in partnerships with the public. Projects include exhibitions at the Amsterdam Museum and IHLIA, internships and thesis research by MA students (at the Reinwardt Academie and University of Amsterdam), and initiatives to integrate cultural activities related to queer history into the annual Amsterdam Pride festival. Beginning in 2016, the QtC Network will host a symposium every June, where they will release a report on the previous year’s activities. Anyone interested in getting involved is invited to attend the open meetings held every quarter, announced via the network website.